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New York City

Madison Square Garden
"The World's Most Famous Arena" hosts many concerts, sporting events, and other performances, and is also the home of The Theater At Madison Square Garden, where family shows, comedy shows, and even spectacular performances such as Cirque du Soleil are put on.

Times Square
The country turns its eye to Times Square every New Year's Eve, but the ball drop isn't the only reason to visit. As one of the world's most visited tourist attractions, Times Square has a lot to offer, with over a hundred shops, over two hundred restaurants, and many music stores and venues—and don't forget about Broadway!

United Nations
The United Nations Visitors Centre offers many opportunities to experience the world around us and the interactions between nations. Schedule a tour, attend a lecture, or view artistic exhibits that cover many diverse topics. The Visitors Centre gives you the chance to discover how the UN works to help our world.

9-11 Memorial
Residing where the Twin Towers once stood, the memorial is dedicated to those who lost their lives there, as well as the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The names of every person who lost their life as a result of the attacks of September 11, 2001, and February 26, 1993 are inscribed around the edges of the two pools that are a key aspect of the memorial's design.

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
A visit to the Statue of Liberty is not just a visit to a monument; it is a visit to what has long been, and still is, a symbol of freedom. Taking a ferry out to Liberty Island and Ellis Island will lead to a rewarding experience of our country's history.

Empire State Building
Not only an attraction but also a historical landmark, the Empire State Building soars above the New York City skyline, symbolizing the dreams and aspirations of many Americans. Whether you make it up to the Observatories for an unparalleled view of Manhattan and beyond, or are content on the ground, a visit to the Empire State Building is sure to inspire.

Rockefeller Center
Spanning the area between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, Rockefeller Center is the city's top shopping destination. With many landmarks to see, and places to shop and eat, a visit to Rockefeller Center will ensure your time in the city is well spent.

Radio City Music Hall
The "Showplace of the Nation" is located within Rockefeller Center and is a leading tourist destination. As one of the most well-known entertainment venues, Radio City showcases many different talents to suit many different tastes.

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